PennyLamOriginals @ArtistProjectTO 2020!

Hi Friends,

The time is here, from February 20 – 23 Penny Lam Originals “Collection” will be exhibiting at the Artist Project T.O. 2020.
It’s been a labour of love and I am excited to share all 12 pieces with you. The exhibition starts with an opening night followed by 3 full days where you can stroll and explore all the exhibit has to offer.

I will be there all 4 days so please do come visit BOOTH #224 and chat. If you know of someone that loves art, and is in need of a splash of creativity and colour on a blank wall, please bring them along. I’m sure I can help.
Original art can truly transform any space, generating the energy you need to feel refreshed and inspired.  DM me if you have any questions, I would love to connect.

For more information on this event visit: The Artist Project TO 2020

If you would like to buy tickets please visit: Artist Project Admission Tickets

Discount codes:

  • Adult Admission: $12 (regular price is $16) with code EXH2020
  • Opening Night: $30 (regular price is $35) with code EXHON2020

Hope to see you all there
Thanks for the love and support!


2AM~It’s about what you lie awake thinking about at 2am… but the good stuff that makes you giggle.

40×40″ Acrylic, graphite and pastel on canvas
Available for purchase at The Artist Project 2020.

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