School is in!

Hi Friends… this is a repost. A couple of days ago I jumped the gun and published this post (oops).  I’ve since added the photos. Thanks for revisiting and enjoy!

Recently someone asked me “what happened to thirteenthlook”? Which was cool as I never thought my little stories and thoughts would be missed…  I guess the answer is thirteenthlook is definitely alive and well, but she’s shifted her interest and time onto PennyLamOriginals, the new adventure that I’m excited to share.

Today is a significant day as most educators (in our neck of the woods) welcome kids back to the realm of learning and exploration. But for the first time in 10 Years… I am NOT! Insanity! Last year marks my 5th year as VP and I’m taking a mini-break to reflect, refresh and re-engage in everything worth loving and living. I’m considering making my IG @Pea13_ public so that I can connect with more new friends. Thoughts? Should I? Anyways, best of luck kids and educators. The most amazing thing about today? I walked my own kid to first day of school for the first time! It was a day that I never thought I would be present for and will always remember. I must admit I took just a “few” pics to remember the moment (wink wink).

Oh and guess what? I bumped into Mr. Clayton La Touche, Associate Director of the YRDSB just casually chatting up parents at a neighbourhood school. Now that’s engagement! Just connecting with his community, further strengthens my pride and confidence in the public school system.

Anyone else free for the year? Wanna hang?

Thanks for reading,


Oh, my hubby got some new gear, so naturally I have some new kick ass pics… this is me imagining a year of freedom ha ha ha.




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  1. Gorgeous as always!
    Enjoy this wonderful year watching your daughter grow as you walk her to school and being able to sneak in lunch dates with your hubby.
    Looking forward to seeing all that you create this year xo


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