It’s the last week in August… and as convention and traditions have it, I should be writing about my 7 year wedding anniversary and also posting some old pics from our wedding…

But today, as I’m thousands of feet in the air on route from Montego Bay, I find myself compelled to write about something else, gratitude.

Mainstream media has for years and years portrayed a image for us of what happiness looks like and also what we should strive to have and feel. But as we become more aware of our social identities and how to navigate life in the bodies which we were born, It seems that we are also independently defining what it means to be happy and in turn grateful.

A friend who works for an airline once told me that they tend to sit families with small children in a cluster… away from business class peeps and not too close to the back of the plane. 7 years ago I would have been über irritated if I had to be near this section. Today (right now to be exact) I’m feeling grateful. It’s an honour to be with my peeps… other families (of all identities) that know what it’s like to sacrifice, to love unconditionally, to have dinner at 5pm and to live for someone else.

I’ve been reading a lot about the practice of gratitude lately and have made an effort to start the day in this sentiment. This month, I am grateful to have witnessed the marriage of wonderful friends Deborah and Jim, for the launch of my new adventure Penny Lam Originals (and the time to pursue) to have a wonderful home that I can’t wait to return to after a week away, and for (having in my life) my forever fun and go-with the-flow husband and our insanely cute kid SRW.

What are you grateful for at this very moment?

Thanks for reading

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