Hi: I’m back!

So this is day 14 of me trying to get over a very brutal bout of something viral (yuck!)….

Strange way to start a post, I know… and I haven’t written for over a year! But being home sick gives you some time to write. Now that’s what you call chronic writers block. So thank you so much to my friends who have been patient and are still following me.  Or maybe you’ve just forgotten you’ve been following me and this comes as a bit of a surprise (surprise!) haha. Well since it has been a year I’ve got lots to share.

Let me see what has happened since we last spoke? Hmm…. Okay just the highlights,

  1. So my OLDER brother got married. Yes I stress older, cus I get asked all the time who is older? I’m like WHAT?? Do you not see his greys and wrinkles!!!!! (loooove my new sister-in-law ❤)
  2. I finally chopped off my long silky black locks for a shorter more chic bob (loved it for 2 seconds)
  3. Then my stylist processed it one too many times on my request indulging my chase of the #millennial unicorn hair. Now it looks like poop 💩 (hahaha- funny not funny)
  4. Changed schools and then changed again … for those of you that don’t remember I’m an educator and I’m loving every moment
  5. Our daughter SRW will be turning 6!!!!! Can you believe it? I started this blog when she was a baby.
  6. I’m now the proud God mum to my BFF’s gorgeous twin babies 👶🏻👶🏻
  7. And the most exciting news is I’m finally working on something new! (you’ll have to wait for the deets)

So I’ve got some pics from a while back collected from the year to share, hope you enjoy!

Okay enough about me, what’s been going on with all of you? Leave me a message/comment. It’s been quiet. Can’t wait to hear from my friends! Thanks for reading, follow for more!



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  1. Welcome back Gorgeous!
    Miss, miss , miss you! Hoping that one day you’ll be back as P. Glad to hear you’re feeling better and that you have something amazing planned for March Break. Looking forward to hearing what you’re working on next! Xo


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