4 Tips: Stress Free Back to School (Educator Edition)

If you are anything like me.. and I have a feeling many of my reader friends are, the feeling of stress and anxiety is no stranger to you.  Tommorrow I will be “officially” back to work.  I mean I’ve had my “soft start” last week, but this is the real deal.

For those of you that are just getting acquainted with me, I’m an educator.  I work like a beast for 10 months of the year, then spend three weeks trying to wind down.  Thoroughly enjoying two full weeks of summer bliss which then gradually morphs into three weeks  of low level anxiety – anticipating getting back to school.

Yes, yes, doesn’t sound too inspiring? I’m getting to it.  So what am I doing differently this year that will hopefully break this cycle of “work related worry?” Change my mindset.

4 Mindset Changing tips

1. Positive Self Talk:
Yes you got this, now tell yourself just that!  On your commute to work, run through your day and think of all the reasons why you are going to do well.  This is called mental rehearsal. In the wise words of my 4 year old (who starts JK tomorrow),  “try your best and forget the rest.”  I hear her saying it to herself as she is getting ready to eat her veggies hahaha.

2. Check Your Diet:
The easiest way to feel strong and alert is to cut the junk and focus on clean eating.  Pinpoint one bad habit you know you should do away with and replace it with a healthy one.  For me, late night snacking is my achilles heel, so I brush and floss when I know the eating should stop.  When I feel the urge to snack, my lazy reluctance to re-brush stops me in my tracks.

3. Get moving:
Make sure all the active activities you’ve started over the summer don’t come to a halt.  Plan ahead and see how exercise can still fit in your working life.

4. Go shopping:
Dress for success.  Do not underestimate a good Thai silk Zucca print dress with a matching printed wool scarf. Thrown on a fabulous pair of dark Celine sunnies for added effect. (Shot in Fukuoka, Japan on an iPhone 7)

Okay I’m ready for back to school!  Write and share some of your stress reducing tips.
Thanks for reading and if you like this please follow for more!



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