Support Women Entrepreneurs!

I’m always thinking about ways that I can build a new business on top of my day job, but that is forevermore a “work in progress”. Coming up with an original idea that has market demand while still staying true to your personal passion is pretty challenging. Luckily, I am surrounded by a good group of friends that include talented professional creatives, financial wizards as well as strong women entrepreneurs. Through them I am always feeling inspired to not give up and keep on imagining new ideas.

My friend Poyi works on Bell Media’s post production team focusing on entertainment and lifestyle and Rachel is on the marketing team at AMEX and also the founder of Entwine Events.  Together they have created a business that sells high quality goods with a special group of customers in mind… Cat Lovers! (and cat lovers who are allergic to cats hahaha).

Although I am not a part of this group, I couldn’t resist the bright beautiful colours and cute designs of their collection.  You can browse their collection online at cat-o-melon or visit them at their Pop Up this weekend (Sat 11-9, Sun 11-6) at the Big on Bloor Festival. I’ve also added their site to my tool bar for a few weeks for easy access.  My favourite products on their site are the colourful mugs, the pillow covers and of course pins. You can also find them on Instagram.

In the meantime, any ideas as to what I should start as my side business?
My passions (outside of educational leadership) include:
1. Indulging in a good cup of tea and relaxing with a good long book
2. Marathon-Korean-drama
3. Traveling with my hubby to anywhere sunny and full of culture
4. #twinning with my cutie pie 4 year old…

Any and all ideas welcome!  Collaboration anyone?? lol

Thanks for reading and #supportwomenentrepreneurs!




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