How to Spot an Original?

A week ago, I was at Nordstrom Eaton Centre (taking a break from my usual stomping grounds) wearing a mishmash of my favourite things (of the moment) from my closet. A sales associate stopped me and said “OMG love your style”! Not I love your top or I love the brand or even I love your outfit, but she said “I love your style”.  After that amazing complement, of course the most logical thing to do was to strike up a conversation about… this, that and the other things. It went on for a while, and in that time I found out she use to play basketball on an international women’s team in the Czech Republic and is now “retired” and doing “this gig” for a bit.  We both weighed in on our views of street style and on what kicks would earn the most street cred. I ended up buying a pair of Nike Vapour Max (Triple Black) on her recommendation, which got me lots of props with the hubby who is obsessed with these kicks.

Meeting that super cool sales associate was totally the highlight of my day, and got me thinking…

What makes style original

I landed somewhere in the midst of the following ideas:

  1. It questions the Status Quo
  2. It might be “liked” but it doesn’t need to be “liked”
  3. It conveys and idea or a feeling
  4. Totally irrelevant of trends (coincidentally matching a trend is also forgivable)
  5. Has the ability to start or hilariously finish a conversation (I said.. “yes it’s supposed to look like a prison jumpsuit”, Orange is the New Black)

Done and done.

Unfortunately I didn’t take a selfie of the outfit I was wearing on that particular day but here is me and my and Little SR in the usual #twinning style and in my opinion totally ORIGINAL!

Thanks for reading

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