5 Tips to crush #twinning

Okay, so the original plan was to attend a very important symposium with my daughter as I had no childcare.  However, daycare called in the middle of the day and told me she had a fever.  So we ended up at home reading books and wiping a runny nose.  She is finally asleep so I had time to write:

Here are 5 quick tips on how to crush twinning with your kids!

  1. let the adult take the lead (kids in adult clothes = cute, adults in kids clothes = weird)
  2. choose a simple colour pallet and make sure the colours are a bang on match
  3. completely matchy matchy is not as interesting as adding a one off accessory
  4. the same theme through different pieces also works (khaki pants and khaki skirt)
  5. make sure both parent and kiddie are comfortable

bonus* if you’re real brave (like me) convince your husband to join in and be triplets lol.



She is in head to toe Zara, I’ve got some All Saints mixed with JCrew and my everyday men’s LV workbag

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