3 ideas that will bring simplicity and happiness to your life

Start in a small space such as your closet, if you haven’t worn it, wanted to wear it, or have plans to wear it in the last 2 years… give it away.  We all have that one pair of jeans or that boyfriend blazer that once looked so good on and for whatever reason (for me it’s an extra 15 pounds) just doesn’t look the same anymore.  Instead of saying you’ll wear it again once you shed the weight, just get rid of it and replace it with something that makes you feel fabulous now.  Hey, if you do end up losing some weight buy something new to reward yourself!  Now that your closet is in order move on to another place in your home.

Once you’ve purged the items in your life that no longer hold any value or make you feel good, turn your focus on the things you love and enjoy.  What makes them your favourite? Once you can answer that question honestly, you will think twice about randomly spending on things you don’t love or won’t love for long.  Keep your home uncluttered and simplified. Knowing what you like and what fits in your life is the first step to defining your own style.  Good bye generic style quizzes and hello self intuition.  For me, I love neutrals, luxe fabrics and a bit of bling, but most importantly I love things that have a story like my “Husband Blazer”.

Knowing yourself and what makes you feel good is the very first step to tranquility and self confidence.  The second step to learning how to maintain this inner peace is to look at the people in your life and really evaluate the positive impact they make on you.  Let’s be honest, time is precious, and between the necessities like work and personal improvement and darling family time, there aren’t many minutes left in a day.  I for one am unwilling to waste a single moment on things that don’t bring me joy.  Who are the people in your life that you can’t wait to see?  Who are the friends that always put a smile on your face?  I truly believe face to face conversations with people you love is food for the soul.  So turn off your Nextflix (or Hulu) get off the couch, pick up the phone and make a date with the friends that make you feel lucky that you have them in your life.

Taking my own advice, a few weeks ago I met my creatively stylish and beautiful friend Em and spent the day talking about family, fashion, interior design and everything in between.  Oh and it didn’t hurt that we both rocked out in style.  Em wearing BCBG, David Yurman Jewlery and an elegant Bottega Veneta clutch.  I’m wearing a COS button down, BCBG gold body chain and my new Valentino Rockstud Ankle Strap Booties.

Just give it a try. Simplify, define and connect.  Let me know how it goes…
Thanks for reading,


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