Welcome to the Team

Most recently one of my very best girlfriends E, gave birth to a beautiful healthy baby girl.  I’m dying to meet this little one, but as expected, the new parents are still adjusting to the “shock” shall I say, of having a new little precious life.

This got me thinking about the earlier months of my little girl’s life.  The words challenging, struggle, exhaustion, and sleep deprivation often surfaced during any conversation with other adults.  I was of the realist camp of new moms.  Those that hold membership to this camp know exactly what I’m talking about.  Moms of this camp have a fearless way of telling it as it is, sans sucre. We confidently know being a good mom is not tied to the number of times we tell others how much we love our child or how motherhood is amazing. When I see a fellow mom struggling with a less-than-cooperative mini one, I smile and give a nod of respect.

Now my baby girl is two years old, I really have no idea where the time has gone.  It really does put things in perspective for me.  Although I don’t miss the poopy diapers, feeding at all hours, and living according to nap schedules – thinking back to the first 12 months often leaves me with a sense of nostalgia.  So much so that I sometimes have a very very mini impulse to have another one… okay well that’s going too far lol. (S when you read this, don’t have a heart attack)

A few weeks ago, my husband S and I took Summer-Reid to the aquarium, last week we went to the zoo (Civic Holiday… yes we’re brave like that) and this week we were thinking of going on a road trip.  So life does gets easier and so so much more fun.

One thing that I enjoy the most as many of my readers will know is dressing my daughter (like me; too fun!).  Here we are trying a new khaki and jean look.  Possibly a winning combo for our road trip. (my jacket: J.Crew. her jacket: baby Zara)

Hang in there new moms and E, welcome to the team!

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