If you are anything like me, life has gotten busier and busier day by day, month by month and year by year. With the new pace of life, priorities change too.   I’ve realized how precious each moment is and have come to the realization that time is something that truly does not wait.

June 30 marks the end of my first year as VP! Woot woot! Many of my friends have asked me what I will do with my new found time? Well, the truth is I can’t wait to give myself some well-deserved relaxation and attention to my neglected hobbies.

It’s been a while since I’ve posted so definitely focusing on posting more regularly is one goal. S and I will be moving in to our new home at the end of the year, and getting a head start on creating some art is high on the to-do-list.  Making time for a daily run is in the plans. Family time is well in the works and time with friends new and old is something I’m super excited about.

Speaking of friends, my bestie “M” visited last month and indulged my guilty pleasure of posing shamelessly in the streets. She’s been away from home for 3 years and I look forward to her visits every year. Here are some pics of our blogging date.  “A” is super stylish in a Valentino clutch and Hermès bangle. Me… Dior and Louboutin mark my look.





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