World Macaron Day!

March 20th is World Macaron Day in Toronto and in many big cities across the globe. Today is your opportunity to indulge in this delicious tradition while supporting an important charity. Over a dozen patisseries, confection shops and cafes across Toronto are participating by donating a part of the proceeds from macaron sales to the Red Door family Shelter and other charities.

What is a Macaron?

This Parisian delight is a sweet meringue based confection made with egg white sugar, finely ground almond and shaped into two small shells, held together by a soft filling, such as buttercream or ganache. It is characterized by a smooth, flat, crisp top and bottom layer, and a ruffled circumference. The modern macaron comes in a rainbow of colours and traditional flavours such as strawberry or chocolate to the unimaginable – foie gras, camembert and even Guinness!
With the rise of social media, came a breed of photographers obsessed with capturing the perfect shot of an elaborate display of edible delights for the sole purpose of Instagram. If you search #Macaron you will find upwards of 1,197, 763 pictures of macarons (with about 13 of them contributed by me hahaha). What self respecting style blogger doesn’t have a few post of macarons? #MacaronCraze

On that note, I was at Nadege Patisserie grabbing a dozen of freshly made Macarons in support of Sick Kids Foundation and World Macaron Day T.O.
So far my favourite flavours are Camembert and Maple Bacon! Enjoy your Saturday!


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