Like many bloggers, I do not write in isolation, I surround myself with the ideas and inspiration of other bloggers I love to read. Although it might not come with surprise that many of them are fellow style bloggers, one blogger I follow is a brilliant educator that just so happens to be amazingly tech savvy. I met Royan Lee the very fist year of teaching. I visited his classroom when he was a demonstration class and I was blown away by the progressive, innovative ways he was engaging his students.
Today I read his post titled #Myworkflow, and I decided to write a response as my very first post of 2015 with my own workflow.
I too, Like Royan have a mortgage with Apple. Between my husband and I, we own about 10 apple devices. Out of the 10, to productively tackle my everyday tasks as mother, VP, and Style Blogger I need to be continuously connected. Rather than boring you with all the apps and gear I use for work, I’ll focus on my tools for blogging.

The Gear
iPhone 6
13” MacBook Air
Canon EOS 70D + 50mm f1.4 lens (+ hand & eyes of my husband)
iPad Mini Retina

A photo first makes its way into the system wirelessly from the Canon 70D to my iPhone. From there I sync it to Dropbox and it gets pushed to all my devices. I’d like to say I could work seamlessly between a 5, 8, or 13 inch screen but they each have their strengths. It’s amazing though, how most of these things can be done on an iPhone alone.

The Apps


Instagram + Iconosquare
Needless to say, a constant live feed from style bloggers around the world can be an addicting habit or a source of inspiration. This is my alma mater and where I hatched the idea to start a style blog. Iconosqaure takes your instagram account a step further and helps you respond to other instagrammers and view your stats.

Several years ago I started my first teaching blog here, and since then I’ve upped the ante and started to use more advance features including customized themes. Yet, I’ve barely scratched the tip of the iceberg on all the features available here.

I’m not much of a twitterer as much of original posts show up on instagram first, and get automagically posted to my twitter & facebook feed.

Love this app. This is where I make my photos pop. A bit of contrast here, sharpening there, and several other tweaks. Their filters are on steroids – but use with caution – I firmly believe filters should be subtle and enhancing and not overpowering the photo. There’s an optional community to join and also share on VSCO.

Apparently everyone is on this. Meh.

~Honourable mentions~

The iPhone 6 Camera
The best camera is the one you always have on you, and this one’s no slouch.

Simple note
A plain text editor. A place for ideas. Love it for the simplicity, also instantaneously pushed to all my devices.

Share your workflow and post it on twitter or instagram #MyWorkFlow and post the link here in the comments section. Feel free to throw any questions my way. Thanks for reading!



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  1. OMG how have I not been following you and this blog until now? I’m blown away by your site. It’s a testament to your workflow in and of itself. No one could create something this gorgeous without a kickass workflow. I love VSCO cam too! Your photography blows me away. We need to find a way to work together.

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  2. I’ve been meaning to get to this for a while, every since I saw the link on IG, but I’ve been absolutely slammed with work.
    I always love seeing and reading the Workflow of others. To see how they get to the image, product, vlog, blog or design that we are fortunate enough to have shared with the public.

    Thanks for sharing this insight into your process!

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