Goodbye 2014 you’ve been Awesome!

2014 has definitely been a year of growth and self discovery for me. As I look back at all the obstacles, challenges, rewards and new journeys, I can confidently say each and every experience has been one worth cherishing.
Becoming a mom has proven to be exactly what people say; so difficult yet amazing beyond your bravest expectations. Also with an exciting change in my role at work, life quickly became very fast paced and different and I needed to find something that I enjoyed to sustain the creative non-Mom, non-VP part of me. Inspired by my favourite blogs and of course my über talented husband, was born. My husband S loves photography and I love fashion so it became a perfect way for us to spend our free time together.
But what I didn’t expect from blogging were all the amazing and supportive people I’ve met. Thank you to all my readers and friends. I started writing for me, but now I write for us. I’m excited to share with you all my life, my thoughts and new style inspirations for 2015.
Happy New Year! Wishing you love, happiness, good shoes and lots and lots of laughter!


Here are some of my favourite shots from 2014

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