Afternoon Stroll

Last Sunday at about 7:30am while everyone I knew was still cosily tucked and snuggled away in bed I was already up and getting reading for a quick trip downtown. I was driving on the DVP south heading to Toronto’s inner city trauma centre. I’ve made this trip many times in the past, never in a state of emergency, but always in a great mood. Last Sunday I was driving not alone but with my baby girl Summer-Reid quietly babbling away in the back seat which made the trip even sweeter.
We were on our way to pick up her “Ba Ba” from a long over night shift. Sure, he could have waited and taken the subway but we just couldn’t wait to see him. We parked on Bond and waited a few minutes and there he was, big grin on his face as usual. Summer-Reid spots him and starts yelling “Ba Ba, Ba Ba!” I must admit I was quite excited too.
We chatted in the car – non-stop, although it had only been 24 hours since we last spoke. Finally we got home and we all felt a bit tired so we decided to stay in. Just a year ago I would have been itching to go out, but I was honestly so content and satisfied just to be home with the two most important people in my life. My husband S and my baby girl Summer-Reid.

What does this have to do with style?? Well after we all got a bit of rest, we hit the streets for a bit of blogging action. How is a Sunday afternoon complete without a few photographs for my Blog haha. Decided to take a walk with the family in my Jimmy Choo oiled leather boots, Zara skorts and a pink Todd Snyder Champion sweatshirt, and Tom Ford sunnies. (yes, with a little Pink Tartan peeking through.)

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