There are many joys and pleasures of being a teacher, and for me they are all tied to the satisfaction of seeing the intellectual, social and emotional growth of each student in my class. Fellow teachers would agree that the amount of work and dedication that goes into planning a unit with differentiation that meets the needs and learning styles of every child is no simple feat. But month after month, term after term, and year after year, teachers dedicate more time and energy to improve their instructional practice.  Passion, dedication and love of learning is what drives educators and the reward is simple…student success and well being (oh and some time to rejuvenate over the summer).

Well, it’s time to let the cat out of the bag… If you haven’t guessed already, earlier in the week I mentioned that I had some news to share. Well as of October the 27th, I will be taking a step away from teaching and joining the administrative team at a new school as Vice Principal. It is however bitter sweet as you can imagine. I hope to take with me the love of teaching as I learn to support achievement and well being in all the individuals in my new building.
To mark this occasion, I decided to buy a new pair of boots to remind myself of all the obstacles and opportunities that have brought me to this point in my career. I present to you my “Valentino Garavani Rockstud Noir biker boot” I think I’m in love!


Izzue top, J.Crew eyelet skirt, Chanel purse, Valentino Noir Garavani Rockstud Biker Boots.

Photo 2014-10-11, 12 03 31 AM

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