Shopping for the Big Day

Got some good news last week Friday… What was it? Well I can’t say, at least not yet. But I can say that the good news called for some celebratory shopping! Put my 14 month old sweetie pie baby girl in the car and my superstar husband behind the wheel and the whole “fam jam” was off on a shopping adventure.

We got to our destination just a bit before the stores opened so it gave us a good opportunity to snap some photos. What’s with this unusually warm weather? Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely looooove the sunshine and warmth but poses some wardrobe challenges. Anyways, I took this as an opportunity to get the last few wears out of my summery colours before they migrate to the back of my closet making room for the heavier more luxurious knits. Love the coral and bone combo and nothing adds a punch of fun like a pair of gold polka-dot (Kate Spade) Keds. Shopping trip was quite successful. Can’t wait to share some of the new looks I put together.
As for the good news, well you’ll have to check back in to find out. See you soon.
Thanks for visiting.



P.S Baby Girl caught in the corner of one of the photos. Peek-a-Boo.

Holding a Tiffany & Co. yellow diamond cocktail ring


Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset

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