“Husband Blazer”

There’s a special story behind the origins of my Helmut Lang Boyfriend blazer. Here goes…

It took almost four months after the birth of my baby girl for me to feel somewhat normal and ready to rejoin the world of girlfriends, cocktails and dancing. However ready my mind felt, my body was just not in sync.   I use to enjoy the ritual of getting ready for a night out with the girls, but when nothing in the closet looked or felt right, getting ready was dreadful. With some encouragement from my superstar husband we went on a mini shopping trip to purchase a few new items to revive my closet. Each and every time I stepped into a changing room with some hopefuls draped on my arm, my husband would look at me with a reassuring, two thumbs up look. I know he was nervous because time after time I would emerge feeling deflated and defeated, as nothing looked right.
I was ready to call it a night and I was tired of feeling frumpy, but my husband encouraged me to make one last stop at Holts’ temporary pop up shop and there we (and I emphasize “we” because it really was a joint effort) found my Helmut Lang Boyfriend blazer. It was totally unexpected, yet totally perfect. I carried this jacket into the change room, with the same encouraging look from my husband. Minutes later I emerged feeling revived, shiny and triumphant.

Girl’s night here I come! And I rename my beloved boyfriend blazer the “husband blazer” haha!
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Wearing: Helmut Lang boyfriend blazer, Wilfred leather leggings, Nike high tops, David Yurman bangle, Roberto Cavalli sunnies

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